Overview - This set of learning modules, introduces students to key concepts in the theory and practice of new media at the intersection of art and design, science and the humanities. Each module combines a range of recorded audio/visual mini-lectures, interviews with experts, case studies, and suggested learning activities with links to readings and other educational resources.

Using the Modules - The modules can be used individually or in combination for online, blended and face-to-face modes of course delivery. However, components of the modules are flexible and can also be used as in-class examples, or as reference material in support of course objectives and to augment curriculum.

Student Engagement - A variety of suggested activities contributing to directly to learning outcomes include writing and critical analysis, online research, field observation, self-reflection and assessment, collaboration, video documentation, and hands-on exercises using open source hardware and software systems.


The IA+D Learning Modules have been developed by an interdisciplinary group of faculty members at York, Ryerson, Portland State, OCAD and Brock Universities.

These modules constitute the beginning of a repository that will grow with new contributions from other colleges and universities, outside experts, and industry professionals.

These modules were funded by the Government of Ontario through the Shared Online Course Fund.

If you have questions, feedback about the modules, or would like to develop a module, you can contact us at info@iadlm.net.